Deepam Consultants (OPC) Private Limited

We provide financial, legal and secretarial advisory service
consultancy to various corporate entities

  • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers
  • Issuing Secretarial Compliance Certificates
  • Increase in Authorized Share Capital
  • Providing manpower support for secretarial assistance
  • Preparation of various policies relating Companies Act, 2013
  • Company Incorporation
  • Rights Issue

About us

A highly successful Management Consultancy Firm with invaluable experience in financial reporting, Statutory Audits, All types of Audits, taxation , statutory Compliances, and accounting covering a variety of industries from start-up business, to financial management and company closures. Hands on experience of providing professional advice in strategic sectors such as financial reporting, taxation, auditing, legal and secretarial advisory service. We know the potential of one brilliant idea, and thus our Endeavour is to nurture every idea in cognizance of the Legal, Financial & Socio-Political Environment in order to transform your idea into viable business plan. We believe in you and see our growth in enchanting growth of our clients

Our Services

  • • Incorporation of Companies (Public, Private & Section 8 Companies).

    • Incorporation of LLP under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.

    • Registration of Society.

    • Registration and modification in Service Tax Registration.

    • Registration under Sales Tax/VAT Depart of Delhi & NCR region.

  • • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers

    • Acting as Scrutinizer under Postal Ballot Process

    • Providing manpower support for secretarial assistance

    • Change of name of a Company

    • Shifting of Registered office.

  • • Shareholders and Share Purchase Agreement.

    • Business Purchase Agreement.

    • Joint Venture Agreement.

    • Technology Transfer Agreement.

    • Business Association /partnership agreement, etc.

  • We are dealing with various aspects of commercial litigation and representing our clients before Income Tax Department, Company Law Board and other Quasi Judicial Bodies setup under different Acts of India.

  • • Structuring of Corporate Restructuring proposals.

    • Drafting of scheme and other documents relating to Mergers, Amalgamations, Demergers

    • Advisory on Takeovers & Acquisitions

    • Buy-back of shares & Reduction of Capital

  • • IPOs, FPOs, Right Issues, Bonus Issue, Portfolio Investment

    • Pre-issue legal due diligence

    • Preparation of offer documents/prospectus

    • Listing of Securities & Listing Compliances

    • SME Listing

    • Delisting of securities

    • Takeovers and acquisitions of listed Companie

  • • Loan documentation

    • Post disbursement compliances

    • Issuing diligence report as required under RBI Circular

    • Preparation and filing of Charge documents with regulator

    • Preparation of Petition of Condonation of delay in filing charge document and making appearance before Company Law Board/ Regional Director

    • Issuing Search and Status Report of Loan / Encumbrances for Banks /Corporate(s)

  • • Interacting with various government departments on intellectual property matters and for obtaining various permissions

    • Registration and opposition on Registration of Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents & Industrial Designs

    • Assignment and Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights and agreements

Time is Money

Every hour of our time has a value. For every hour we work at one job we could easily be doing another. Renowned economist Mr. Adam Smith always advocated this concept of OPPORTUNITY COST. A person who specialize in particular segment of work shall perform the task he excels in and should outsource the other task(s) in order to save opportunity cost. Specialization of labor saves opportunity cos

We at Deepam are inclined towards saving your opportunity cost as we excel in Financial, Taxation, legal and secretarial work and ensure smooth and timely compliance of all laws of the land. We urge our clients to just focus on their goals an leave the rest on us.

Our commitment

1. Fulfill all our assignments with utmost diligence, care and integrity.

2. Carry our assignments with the highest level of excellence and professionalism.

3. Give our clients value for their money.

Our Professional Fees

Professional charges will be determined after discussion with the managment of the company in light of nature of job and respo

Contact us

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T-297/1A Second Floor, Baljeet Nagar, New Delhi-110008